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     Products Range
Standard Naval Motor Winged Motor Dual Speed FLP Brake Motor Three Speed Anchor Capstan Motor
Standard Naval Motor Winged Motor Dual Speed FLP Brake Motor Three Anchor Capstan Motor
Salvage Pump IP-68 Submersible Motor Marine Duty Control Panel Vibratory Motor Brake Motor
Salvage Pump IP-68 Submersible Motor Marine Duty Control Panel Vibratory Motor Brake Motor
Other Non Standard Motor
Other Non Standard Motor
Nahari Engineering Works (NEW) has developed the design and manufacturing capabilities to meet the most stringent Naval Engineering Standards for manufacture of Naval Motors. The present Naval range covers the following requirements:

Shock Grading

Low Vibration

EMC Compliance

Electrical noise reduction

Weather Protection

Flame Proofing

Submersible Operation (IP-68 Protection)

Extreme Temperatures

The motors are manufactured maintaining high quality standards to provide long and trouble free service. At the same time, they are very attractively priced thereby ensuring major market share against competition offered by the international giants in India.

The motors can be offered to meet Indian Naval Engineering Standards, Admirality Shock Grade requirements, IEC/ISO electrical specifications or any other specified requirement duly inspected and approved by the following and others:

DGQA, Ministry of Defense, GOI

American Bureau of Shipping

Bureau Veritas

Det Norske Veritas

Indian Register of Shipping

Lloyds Register of Shipping

The Naval Motors are being manufactured upto 100 kw rating presently. NEW also offers CONTROL PANELS meeting Naval Engineering Standards.

Products can be manufactured with following features :-
Mechanical Features:-

Non standard flanges.

TENV, TEFC, TEFV & water jacket enclosures.

IP-23 to IP-67 protection.

Brake motors with A.C. / D.C brakes.

Special shafts.

Special greases.

Vacuum-tight, water cooled housing.

Flame proof motors.

Increased safety motors.

Marine motors.

Hollow shaft motors.

Low vibration, Low noise motors.

Vibratory motors with special bearings and construction.

Foot, Face, Flange, Foot cum Flange, Wing or other type of custom mountings.

Shock grades - NSSI, NSSII.

Electrical Features:-

Premium efficiency (EFF1).

Non-standard voltage and frequency.

Frequent start/stops/ reversals.

Torque motors.

Dual voltage.

Multi-speed motors.

Motors with space heaters.

Motors with P.T.C. Thermistors.

Speeds - 300, 400, 500, 600, 750, 1000, 1500, 3000 rpm or a combination in 2 or 3 speeds.

Insulations - F, H.

Motors for inverter applications.

Single phase motors.

Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Drive Motor.

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