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Our Products-
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Indian Standards   |   International Standards   |   British Standards   |   Naval Engineering Standards   |   Consultants Specifications

Motors, Pumps and Control Panels can be manufactured as per relevant Standards and Specifications from following list :-
Indian Standards
IS- 325 Three Phase Induction Foot Mounted
IS- 1231 Dimensions Of Three Phase Foot Mountes AC Induction Motors.
IS- 2223 Dimensions Of Flange Mounted AC Induction Motors.
IS- 4029 Guide For Testing Three Phase Induction Motors.IS- 12063 Degree Of Protection Provided By Enclosures For Rotating Electrical Machinery.
IS- 4722 Rotating Electrical Machines.
IS- 4889 Methods Of Determinations Of Efficiency Of Rotating Electrical Machines.
IS- 6362 Designation Of Methods Of Cooling For Rotating Electrical Machines.
IS-7538 Three Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motors For Centrifugal Pumps For Agricultural Application.
IS- 8151 Single Speed Three Phase Induction Motors For Driving lifts.
IS- 8789 Values Of Performance Characteristics For Three Phase Induction Motors.
IS- 12065 Permissible Limits Of Noise Levels For Rotating Electrical Machines.
International Standards
IEC 34-1 Recommendations For Rotating Electrical Machines.
IEC 72-1 Recommendations, Dimentions and Output Ratings Of Electrical Machines-Foot Mounting.
IEC 72-2 Recommendations For The Dimensions and Output Ratings Of Electrical Motors-Flange Mounting.
British Standards
BS 3979 Dimentions Of Electrical Motors.
BS 4999 Specifications For General Requirements For Rotating Electrical Machines.
BS 5000 Specifications For Rotating Electrical Machines.
Naval Engineering Standards
EED-Q-071 (R1) and EED-Q-071(R2) Electrical Equipments Specification For A.C. Motors.
NES 632 Requirements For A.C. And D.C. Motors.
NES 636 Requirements For A.C. And D.C. Starting And Contro; Gear(Control Panel).
NES 629 Requirements For Testing Of Rotating Electrical Machinery.
NES 505 Requirements For Drawings For Electro Technical Equipment.
DME 402 Guidance Information And Mandatory Requirements For Rotodynamic Pumps For Naval Ships.
Consultants Specifications
Indian Register Of Shipping(IRS)
American Bureau Of Shipping(ABS)
Bureau Veritas Essential Service(BV)
Lioyds Register Of Shipping(LRS)
Rail India And Technical Engg. Service(RITES)
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